Sunday, February 27, 2011

Holly Wood celebrates Oksner night, with a special appearance by Mr. Warren Beauty!

Sorry, I couldn't resist the awful triple pun. No, those aren't typos. The girl's name is "Miss Holly Wood", she's meeting Warren BEAUTY and the artist is Bob OKSNER.

I think there are a few Oksner fans who frequent this blog so I'm posting these pages and hoping that someone can identify them for me. They were (obviously) pencilled and inked by Mr. Oksner, lettered by Ben Oda and the story looks like it might have appeared in a 1970's DC comic. Someone suggested they might have been scripted by Bob Kanigher but I haven't confirmed that either.

But were they ever published? No one I've asked seems to have any idea. The GCD has no listings that fit so I'm stumped.

Nice art, though, ain't it?


  1. Beautiful comics! Definitely drew the cutest girls in comics!

  2. I feel like I may have seen a MISS HOLLY WOOD story in one of the 48-page BINKY or DEBBI issues (or possibly a romance book), but I don't think it was this one. Another dark horse candidate: it might have been in an issue of Robin Snyder's REVOLVER... there were a lot of oddball leftovers that turned up in those. On the other hand, I might just be out of my mind.

  3. Thanks, Devlin. I wouldn't even have thought to look in a DEBBI comic but you're right, it would have been right at home in one of the 48-page books. I appreciate the help!