Thursday, October 21, 2010

Punisher #6, page two

Once again, the original art scan is courtesy of Ashley Salter. Pencils by Dave Ross. I inked this very heavy and used a lot of zip-a-tone because I was nervous about the coloring we might get. Turned out there was no reason to worry, John Wellington did a beautiful job on the color guides. I was very happy when I saw this one in print.


  1. thanks for all of the great posts, I particularly love seeing your pencils to ink progressions. Today's post on the Wally Wood site made me wonder about the thought process that you might use to flesh out double lighting. Do you just make it up or what? I'd love to hear your thoughts on adding your dramatic lighting style to pencils.

  2. This was one of the first comics I ever had, certainly the first Nowlan comic I saw. What a thrill it is to see this original page! Sigh... oh, zip-a-tone, I miss you.

    Also, you're your own best letterer, Kevin, but Bruzenak goes REALLY well with your style.

  3. What was the reason interior pages always had a slice cut off the top like that?
    Does anyone know the answer to that?

  4. Similar to Michel this was the first time I noticed your inking. That was an "Instant-Fan" moment for me and been fan since.

    Amazing to see the scan of the original inked page.

    Thx for this and thx for everything else!

    Can we expect an Art of Nowlan book anytime soon?

  5. MIchael, about the double lighting: I could write a book about it but for now I'll just say that it started with photo reference but now it's almost all made up. Just think of it as harsh lighting from one side at a time, sketch it loosely and lightly with a pencil, then go back in and refine/darken the edges. Keep the feathering to a minimum.

    I don't have time for a book but I really should do a blog post about it.