Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wednesday Comics: Metal Men page 6 pencils and inks

Pencils by the incomparable José Luis Garcia-Lopez.


  1. Pencils by the incomparable José Luis Garcia-Lopez
    and the incomparable Kevin Nowlan!Yours Work it's
    FANTASTIC! A curiosity: do you re-draw the pencils or ink directly Garcia's art? Are a few
    rough whereas your inks are very accurate.
    I have bought King Tut's Tomb paperback... GREAT!

  2. Thanks, Alfredo!

    I inked the pencils directly. Inking over blueline printouts is becoming routine but it does add a little more work and this job had no wiggle room in the schedule.

  3. Kevin,
    Do you still have any pages from this run available for sale? You can message me at Thanks!