Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hellboy cover: thumbnail sketch to inks

For me, the challenge on this cover was coming up with an interesting image that didn't spoil any of the surprises in the story. I'll try to post some images from the interior pages later.


  1. Awesome art.
    Love the way you draw pigs! (and all)
    Un abrazo!

  2. How big are your thumbnails typically? And how fast do you do them?

  3. Thanks, Calvi.

    David, the thumbnail sketches are usually just an inch or two. I make them small on purpose so that it's all about big shapes, not details.

    I draw them pretty fast, but if I'm not getting a layout that I like, I can end up drawing several.

  4. Man, I really like the pose with Hellboy on the first sketch. Were you just not feeling the vibe with his torso on that one? Just curious on the inner workings of the Nowlan brain on that decision.

    Very, very happy with the Hellboy news. I think a collective "finally" was shouted by many! :)

  5. Scott Allie and Mike thought it looked like Hellboy was sitting instead of floating so that first pose had to be changed.

    I figured you'd be happy to hear about the project, Patrick. The inks are almost done and I'm already sorry to see it end.

  6. Dear Kevin, as a Hellboy fan I just wanted to let you know that I started a new website regarding Hellboy and his fellows:, the absolute complete collectors list of all Hellboy items, including of cause all your work too. If there is chance I would be happy if you could list the link on your site. Tahnx a lot and keep up the good work.

  7. the cover pose and colors pop right at y - gorgeous!

    and 24 pages of HELLBOY drawn by kevin family name is oakley, i got my wish!

  8. A whole Hellboy comic by Kevin Nowlan? I must be dreaming. Can't wait to pick this up

  9. Holy moly, Kev. These are beautiful. Can't wait to see the final issue.