Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Batman Confidential #28

Here's a sample page from Batman Confidential #28. The pencils by José Luis Garcia Lopez speak for themselves but I should provide a little background.

Originally, José was going to do the pencils and inks for all three issues and pencilled the first two accordingly. Then, before starting on #28, the schedule changed and an inker had to be brought in. José leaves a fair amount of finishing for the inking stage when he's flying solo but pencils tighter if he knows someone else will be doing the inks. As a result, issues 26 and 27 were a little sketchy in places. José works out the structure of his panels so beautifully that it was never much of a problem, but there were a few details that I wasn't sure about and had to firm up before I picked up a pen.

The last issue, with the fully rendered pencils was a joy to ink. The work not only moved much faster, but there's also more of José coming through.

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  1. Stunning! I enjoyed meeting both you, your wife and a childhood hero of mine at the NYCC. You were all great to talk with and generous in your sketches for me. I look forward to seeing the final chapter of this story as well as you two working together again in the future!