Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spirit Cover pencils

These pencils are way too tight for something I knew I'd be inking myself, but I wasn't certain about the overlapping patterns of black and white. I wanted to make sure I had it all worked out before I loaded up the ink pen.


  1. I just love looking at your pencils, well the overall process is truly fantastic.

  2. This is beautiful and everything, but I'm interested in why you take the time to fill in all the black when you know what it will look like.

  3. Sometimes you just have to see how it all comes together before you move on to the inks. When you're putting shadows on top of shadows you can lose the shapes if you don't have enough light areas to define them.

    For instance, if I'd moved the small figure up or down an inch, I would have lost the shape of his hat brim. You can always go back in with white paint but if it's a large area it really turns into a big mess so I try to avoid that.

  4. I'm glad you said they were tighter than usual. Beautiful to look at though.
    Wonderful how nowadays we can easily make a nice scan of the steps.