Monday, September 21, 2009

Man-Bat page 19

Script, rough sketches, pencils and inks.  This is the final page from the Man-Bat story in Secret Origins #39, April 1989. The editor, Mark Waid, didn't like the idea of Batman just walking through a door in his kitchen to access the Bat Cave so I took out the door knob in panel three.  I guess the thought was that he had to go down a hallway or maybe another door before entering the cave. I inked the line work and the shadows as two separate steps in the final panel.

Jan Strnad's script called for a milk mustache on Bruce but DC strongly objected.  That's why you see him wiping his mouth in the second panel of the layout. I've heard that Bruce Timm has a rule against showing Batman like this, mostly still in costume, but with his cowl down.  It surprised me when I first heard about it but it makes sense now.  It takes away from his mystique.  Bruce Wayne's, not Bruce Timm's.  Nothing could diminish Bruce Timm's mystique.


  1. It’s fantastic to see the light and shadows process!!!
    Thanks Kevin

  2. Damn, I love me the Nowlan Man-Bat. Really, besides your Hellboy, number one on my favorite things to see you draw. He just looks...right.

    But as far as the images shown above, yeah, I love the progression of the shading. Even the second to last image is grand.

  3. so great, one of my favorites from you...

  4. Love it , nice to see the evolution too.

  5. i would very much love to see more of your script to finish. it always gives me a better idea of what to focus on, and to create interest when i draw a page.
    thanks Mr. Nowlan

    peace out

  6. My favorite panel is when batman confronts the bad guys in grey/black shaded tight suit. Those bad guys are so stylized and the grey/black made my day.