Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday Comics: Metal Men page 9 pencils and inks

This project is winding down and I haven't posted much about it in several weeks so here's one of my favorite pages.  First, the amazing pencils by José Luis Garcia-Lopez.

And the inks.

I think this issue, #9, will go on sale today.


  1. Beautiful, stunning pencils and inks. I'm going to order a copy of #9 today. How many issues of M.M. are you and Garcia-Lopez working on?

  2. I think I should have been more specific...

    This is from a 12-page story, serialized in "Wednesday Comics", an oversized, weekly anthology with (15?) other stories. José and I aren't doing the new Metal Men comic.

  3. Apologies. I now see that you did in fact mention "Wednesday Comics" in an earlier post. Hopefully I'll be able to get a copy of W.C. on this side of the pond. Top drawer work.

  4. These have been great to see the art in such a large format. I really appreciate the stuff more in that size and see how you are being extremely faithful to JGL's pencils while still adding your flair.

  5. From week to week, I know I can depend on the Metal Men page, it's always top notch. Just really great work from both of you.

  6. Wow! The Metal Man feature is one of the highlights of Wednesday comics for me, I just wish that they didn't have to spend the whole time in the bank!
    What size are the original art pages for Wednesday comics?

  7. They're big, About twice the size of normal comic art. I just measured one and the image size is 17 x 22".

  8. Wednesday Comics is the best thing anyone's published in years and years! The coolest thing is that (for me) Metal Men is one of the absolute highlights (along with Kamandi). Kevin, you and Lopez are awesome together! Why, oh, why doesn't DC have you guys on a Batman book? Or Metal Men? Or Deadman? Or...

  9. I can't wait to my next trip to US to buy some books...The previews of this series looks good.

    As always, great inks, cool page and funny characters these metal fellas are hehe

    I've become a daily watcher here, hope you don't mind master K.N.

    Well so long.

    Hugo S.