Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Outsiders Annual, page 44

The dramatic shot of Batman's departure must have seemed pretty important to me; I kept trying it from different angles.


  1. Man, how long did it take you to draw that page? Seems like with the various layout attempts and then the final pencils and inks, that must have really pressed your time. Granted, it was all worth it and I think the final version of Batman swinging in you chose was the best pose.

  2. Gotta say Kevin, I've ALWAYS admired your work but I also, now, have come to admire your filling system - how come you can always pick out those pencil sketches? do you keep them with the completed image? (or a stat of same) or are they cross referenced? Ah... I don't want to know - don't spoil the magic!


  3. Mr. Nowlan, when you sit down to do the thumbs, do you create a seperate sketch for every panel? or as needed? asa an example, say when you hit a stopping point, and you're not quite sure what you want?

    peace out

  4. Patrick, I don't know how long it took but I'm guessing it went fairly fast. Most of this book was drawn quickly (for me) and I'm sure I didn't slow down on the final pages. I was probably picking up speed since that's what usually happens. The sketches weren't detailed or carefully drawn so even though there's a bunch of them, they must have been drawn fast.

    PJ, no magic. I just have a bunch of file folders, one for each job, including sketches and copies of the pencils.

    Arnie, I usually want to have at least a rough idea before I start with the finished pencils so I try to do a rough sketch for every page and panel. You can see that some layouts are little more than stick figures, which suggests that I'm either very confident that I can pull it all together when I start the pencils or I'm impatient and just want to move as fast as I can. I don't want to draw the same panel too many times so unless I really have to see it before I move on, I'll just work on the layout until everything looks like it'll fit and the action flows the way I want it to.