Monday, November 9, 2009

Superman: Blood of My Ancestors

Pencils by the unforgettable John Buscema.  I know this looks like a Conan story but it's actually set on Ancient Krypton.


  1. What a wonderful example of comic book art. Not only is it beautiful, but I also think that it shows a great example of two artists coming together to create a page, with each artist contributing their portion of the artwork.

    Mr. Nowlan, you brought out some wonderful details from Mr. Buscema's pencils and I wish you guys had a chance to collaborate a few more times.

  2. I loved this project because I admired Buscema for years and years. Thankfully I was able to snag a page from this project and I still enjoy it to this day. Just so much that John brought to the table but still made it a collaboration. And you're enough of a saint to truly worry and respect the penciller and what they were trying to accomplish.

  3. Howdy man.

    Cool stuff, cool stuff.Totally agree with Alex, that's a nice example of art when made by two comics legends.

    Yeah it kinda look like Conan, the scenario and the people, even El with the "bulky" body and long hair hehe...If you got anything more by John, please share, i beg ya!hehe

    Thanks, Hugo S.

  4. John Buscema is the main reason i love comics. and later wanted to draw them. i could go into a great many details about this, but it's simply to great artists coming together.

    peace out

  5. I loved this story, and the way Kane and Grant reimagend the story of Samson on this sword and sorcery Krypton. I just can't add any other praise to the art that haven't been said on the previous comments, it's just a delightful reading all the way.
    By the way, I recieved today the sketchbook and I'm just amazed with it, specially with the Joker penciled on the back cover. I've always found your incarnation of the Joker funny and disturbing at the same time. I'm so so happy, really, I'm gonna post a scan on my blog later (if you give me your permission, Mr. Nowlan, of course!). Thank you very much, my broken english doesn't allow me to express how grateful I am for this gift.

  6. Wow, those are tight pencils for John. I saw some Savage Sword stuff that Ernie Chan was supposed to ink and my god...he had everything there in gestural drawing but it would take every ounce of Chan's ability to draw to make it come together.


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  8. I wonder if Ernie was working over layouts. These were considered finished pencils. They're sketchy but everything is there. If they'd been a little tighter I'd like to think I could have retained a bit more of Buscema's style but we'll never know.

    H, feel free to post the Joker sketch on your blog. Glad you're happy with it!

  9. Hi Kevin
    This is one of my favourite teams, the great John and the great Kevin together. I don't know that story but is like Conan meet Krypton but is superb too.