Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strange Tales #6 cover INKS!

My sincere thanks to the generous and thoughtful Mr. Simon Miller who sent me this scan of the original art. I posted the pencils late last year but at the time, I couldn't even find a copy of the inks.


  1. One of my favorite Strange Tales covers... what a treat! From what I can tell, I see no struggle at all in the drawing, as if it all flowed pretty seamlessly from your hand to the page. I think you said something similar about Michael Golden's work.

  2. Even though this was a big monster drawing and those generally go smoother than most other subjects, there are a few spots where I made corrections with white paint and one shadow area on the right were I started to create a shadow in the cape with parallel lines but didn't like it so I just made it solid black. So there's evidence of at least a little struggle... but I appreciate the comparison!