Saturday, June 26, 2010

Superman cover roughs

I can't show you the finished cover since DC hasn't released the image yet, but here are a few of the prelims. Originally, I thought Clark would have to appear in street clothes so I was looking for a way to sneak in the costume. Turns out I was mistaken and they wanted him to be dressed as Superman all along.


  1. These are great Kevin, I really like the handling of the profile in the second rough where the chiseled features start to almost have a menacing edge to them.

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  3. This would be for Superman: Grounded, yes? I was intrigued by this before, definitely going to take a look now you're involved.

  4. Mr. Nowlan, are they always looking to treat us as idiots? is it written somewhere "thou shalt not draw superman, on a cover, out of costume." are the days of being creative gone?

    peace out

  5. I am sure I'd be setting myself up for a fall in comparison with your inking chops, but would you mind if I inked one of these sketches as an exercise and just put it on my blog?
    (Also not sure if that'd be kosher with DC, even if it was with you.)