Monday, June 7, 2010

Dr. Strangefate, page 11

I love José's design for the tower:


  1. Mr. Nowlan i realize as you continue to roll out and share your work over the years, you remind me of a comic encyclopedia.

    peace out

  2. I really like how you shaded the tower as well. Highlighting the structure as if the lights were pointed up, shining on the building. The coloring really made that stand out but even in black and white, you can still see the effect.

    Two masters at work.

  3. Also it's a great treat to see the WEDNESDAY'S COMICS printed on nice stock now. You two are a fun match.


  4. you are Garcia Lopez' best wingman...EVER!!! the work you produce together is AMAZING. I've enjoyed every pairing more than the last......i wish they'd keep you guys going indefinitely on project after project! Strangefate was a revelation when i first saw it! Lopez is one of my all time favorite graphic storytellers but his own inks always come up just a tad short for me, what you managed to bring to the work complimented it perfectly. Fantastic work Mr. Nowlan.
    Dusty Abell

  5. Oh, I love that issue, the mix between Jose and you is just perfect. I always have this Issue and Batman's sword of azrael for reference when I have to Ink :) (Excuse me for my BAD english :P )

  6. beautiful work by all ,one of my fav comics :-)