Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Superman: Distant Fires, page 4

I believe this was the first page I inked on this book. Gil's drawings were so solid, I didn't have to do much more than just trace the lines with a pen... until DC saw it and said that they didn't want me to ink it like Gil, they wanted me to ink it like me. So I added the big shadow on the side of the close-up and that seemed to appease them.


  1. Like you've said many times before, inking someone like Gil had to be so intimidating becuase it is all there but yet the powers that be want you to do "your thing". And having too much respect for Gil or John B. on your other projects, you almost have to retrain your brain.

  2. Love seeing Gil's pencils. One of my all time favorite artists. I have some page of a Batgirl back story hanging up at home.