Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three Witches

Another commission from around 2004.


  1. Very cool piece, the characterization in each of the poses is spot on. Connecting it all together with the graphic shapes was a good idea too.

  2. This has always been one of my favorite pieces by you. Love the cross company characters, the cute Oksner smiles and Oh-!... those gams-! I just wish this were in MY collection ;-)

  3. Kevin,

    Hi. I just discovered this blog of yours and have a wealth of backreading to do! Adding this link to my site's blogroll pronto.

    You're extraordinarily superb in every aspect of the medium, and with even more then to each in turn. I enjoy every bit of it -but I must comment in particular on what I *appreciate* most: your perspective work. It often has a greater range of vision than just the furthest panel corner. I love that. One need not have your pages unnaturally close for the perspective work to feel right. -This is just what I appreciate most because I'm into strong perspective work, but I relish all your work's strengths and enjoy it equally.

    I love this blog's 'backstage' look into your work. There's a lot to take in here!

    John Farwell
    Oklahoma City, OK