Friday, October 14, 2011

Remembering Bob Oksner...

...who would have been 95 today. Here's a one-page biography from a 1962 Jerry Lewis comic:

Here's a stern-looking portrait of Bob by Neal Adams, from a 1971 DC house ad announcing the winners of the ACBA awards. Nicely lettered by the inimitable Gaspar Saladino.

Finally, one of my favorite Oksner originals, a Supergirl page from a 1971 issue of Adventure Comics. By the way, future comic writer Steve Englehart assisted with the background inks on this page.


  1. Mr. Nowlan, this doesn't really pertain to this post but I was wondering if you've any plans for a collection of your art? I sure would love to have a Kevin Nowlan art book on the shelf.

  2. Thanks, I'd love to see one too... but I don't have any definite plans at the moment.

  3. Bob Oksner was great, one of my favorites. Glad to see he and his work is still fondly remembered.

  4. Thanks for the B Oskner work and for bringing it to the forefront. I just can't get enough: style, story telling, beautiful women. Would also love to see a book devoted to Bob's work someday.

  5. Kevin. Please take a look at this facebook post on oksner and give me your opinion. Is this Post, Oksner or Drucker... or a combo.