Sunday, October 16, 2011

Outsiders Annual cover art

I hadn't seen this one for several years but the owner of the original painting posted a scan on the CAF site recently so I thought I'd update my old post, showing the sketch and pencils:

I'd forgotten how bad those old seps were. They really washed out the colors.


  1. What a comic!!
    I love that old angular, elongated style. I loved how you worked around the blinding yellow even with Geo Force and those snake guys!
    The panel where the guy craks his head off the dumpster still gets me when I look at it! Ow!

  2. Man you are the second best drawer ever, the bestr part of the cover is the pencils. You are awesome.
    Think, Juliozor.
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  3. Still goes back to the skull on that one. Just think it is the highlight of that cover.

  4. Kevin, this is one of my favourite pieces of arrwork ever and made a distinctive impression when I first saw the cover. I completely agree with Patrick's comments above.The skull is definitely eye-catching compared to Geo Force's yellow and Looker's pink. However, whom was the painter ?