Thursday, May 27, 2010

Outsiders Annual: Cover art

This sketch was very rough.  Nowadays I wouldn't attempt a painting without a tighter prelim.  I'm also posting a copy of the sketch with my scribbled notes.  The "send copies of Dals..." notation refers to the production people who were in charge of coloring assignments in 1986 and really didn't want to give the job to me, since I was a rookie. They wanted to see some samples of my coloring work before they'd give me the green light. The obvious question at the time was, "Who's better qualified to do the color guides, someone on staff who's never seen this story before or the guy who painstakingly pencilled and inked every knuckle, noodle and nostril on this 44-page comic?" 


  1. And they never looked so good!

    Except maybe, for those rare times in which Aparo would ink someone else...

  2. That book was my first approach to your art.
    Love at first sight!

  3. Really cool to see the process Kevin. Any chance you have a scan of the painting itself?

  4. Acho muito bacana mostrar antes e depois assim! Parabéns.

  5. I love seeing the process, I learn a lot. Thanks!

  6. Kevin,

    I am a huge fan and I was wondering if the original cover art is available for sale?

    Please let me know as I am extremely interested.



  7. No, I'm afraid that one is long gone.