Sunday, May 9, 2010

Moon Knight #33, page 10

From 1983, before many of you were even born. It's painful to show really early work like this but here it is. After I made this Xerox of the pencils I changed a few things; adding the columns in the first panel and redrawing some of the background figures. Bill Sienkiewicz did the inks and helped me out as much as he could, but I obviously had no idea what I was doing.


  1. You may have thought you didn't know what you were doing, but I remember reading your MOON KNIGHT stuff and thinking, "This guy's great! I'll read anything he draws!"

  2. Well, you're being generous, Kurt. I look at that page and see awkwardness in every pose. And not the deliberate, charming kind.

  3. Ditto what Kurt said. Nothing awkward about this stuff on any level. Love seeing the work I fell in love with in the stages before print/color. Very generous of you to post, Kevin.

  4. Mr Nowlan usually not knowing what you're doing can be seen as a problem these days. in my eyes it's quite refreshing to see some one "growing up" in front of you. it has made me feel as if i'm apart of their journey. i'm consider myself fortunate to be witness to yours.
    after all Jack Kirby had to start some where. i like to believe the pioneers were making it up as they went and because they did it so well, it became the standard.

    besides their is no "right way" to do art, only the best way you know how, at that point in time.

    peace out