Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DC head shots from 1981

More amateur stuff from the dusty old notebooks:


  1. Wow. These look awesome !

  2. I take it that the little stars above the headshots are the ones you were happy with?

    Your Batman face hasn't really changed...and that's cool. The Green Lantern made me laugh though. Just reminded me of a Pez dispenser. I kid because I care and knowing full well I couldn't even come close to drawing that.

  3. It's really tough to make so many characters of the same sort of build look distinctive without the help of their masks or hair styles to tell them apart. The men look pretty good here, but it's the females that stand out! THAT'S the hardest thing to pull off!

    Oh, man... and that's your "amateur" stuff? Ughhh -- thanks for the reminder, Kevin...

    --Fiffe [ripping his Bristol board in half]