Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outsiders Annual: Page 19

Once again, the scan of the original art is from the kind and generous Mr. Simon Miller. The horizon and reflection seem to disappear in the second scan and reappear in the third but like many of the effects in this story, they were inked on an overlay.


  1. Thank you Simon Miller. Does he own the whole book? (Just curious)

    Beautiful page. Love the organic feel of the faces and figures. Even the tech in P2 feels organic. Nice approach.

  2. nice to see this ones pencils!

  3. Hey Jordan,
    Ha, I wish I owned the entire book! Just this page currently. If you check www.comicartfans.com you'll find scans for a few more of the originals from the issue. Some seriously cool stuff!

  4. Talk about making talking heads fascinating!