Thursday, May 13, 2010

Punisher #6, page one

From 1987.  My inks over pencils by Dave Ross.  I decided to do the window pane shadows with a color hold so I inked them on an overlay, which isn't shown here.


  1. Wow, Kevin -- This is the stuff I've been dying to see. The finishes you did on this book are so inspiring. Please post more from this! The pencil to ink comparison is so much fun to look at.

  2. I use to love this issue as a kid! I couldn't understand why every issue couldn't look this good!! MORE MORE!!

  3. What were you inking with back then...rapidograph and brush?

    Solid work. I miss this area of spotting blacks.


  4. I was inking with a Hunt 102, filling int the big areas with a brush. Rapidographs were used just for ruling lines.