Friday, May 7, 2010

The Inhumans

This was drawn three or four years ago for my friend Robert Jewell. The Black Bolt pose was inspired by two old splash pages, one by Kirby and the other by Neal Adams. If you're going to steal, steal from the best!


  1. Hey Kevin, how the things going?

    I think i know where you got your inspiration from (please don't ask me about issue numbers!)...Loved Lockjaw and all those wrinkles(that it?), you could hide a lot o' stuff below 'em LOL

    Hugo S.

  2. Love Lockjaw and Medusa there.

    Like you said, steal from the best!

  3. Your one of the best inkers ever and it's insane but after hours/days/weeks of studying your work, but I think your pencils are even better and lose some magic when you ink them. The subtlety in the eyes and expression of the figures is sort of flattened out. I'd love to see you work straight from pencil scans to color. Is there really any technical reason comics are inked anymore?

  4. I love this pic, Kevin. You are one of the best and sad can't see more of your stuff in comic, I think you are great with the storytelling and characters.

  5. Thanks, Tomås.

    As for inking, yes, subtle gray values are lost and it's no longer necessary to ink comic art for reproduction, but for a lot of us, the art really doesn't look finished until it's inked. Some things, like Black Bolt's costume, just don't look right without ink.