Sunday, May 23, 2010

A few more Batman cartoon character designs


  1. I love the designs you did for of the cooler looking characters from BTAS

  2. these are amazingly simple yet carry your character as much as your other stuff.

    you're just great at this simplified style.

    did you develop this style just for the animation jobs upon their request ?
    or, was it something you were already utilizing often on your sketch process or doodling and just enforced it for this line work... ?

    i ask because you're inked finished pieces usually feature incredibly subtle line work and detailing (as all your fans know) this takes an almost opposite approach.
    was it hard?

  3. I didn't develop that style just for animation, I'd already tried that approach in a few stories, New Mutants, Dalgoda and Man-Bat. And it's really not as different as it might seem. Everything I do is roughed out the same way; the only difference is the finished rendering.

  4. fantastic!

    it is hard for some ( me)
    but you're just really good!

    thanks for responding kevin!