Saturday, June 26, 2010

Superman cover roughs

I can't show you the finished cover since DC hasn't released the image yet, but here are a few of the prelims. Originally, I thought Clark would have to appear in street clothes so I was looking for a way to sneak in the costume. Turns out I was mistaken and they wanted him to be dressed as Superman all along.


  1. These are great Kevin, I really like the handling of the profile in the second rough where the chiseled features start to almost have a menacing edge to them.

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  3. This would be for Superman: Grounded, yes? I was intrigued by this before, definitely going to take a look now you're involved.

  4. Mr. Nowlan, are they always looking to treat us as idiots? is it written somewhere "thou shalt not draw superman, on a cover, out of costume." are the days of being creative gone?

    peace out

  5. I am sure I'd be setting myself up for a fall in comparison with your inking chops, but would you mind if I inked one of these sketches as an exercise and just put it on my blog?
    (Also not sure if that'd be kosher with DC, even if it was with you.)


  6. Looks amazing as usual Kevin! Can't wait to see the final version....