Friday, March 18, 2011

The Outsider #1 cover art

Here's a gesture that threw me; a guy brushing dust off his suit. Sounds simple, but I had to do a lot of sketching before I came up with anything that even came close to suggesting the movement I was looking for. As a last resort, I was going to try for a "strobe" effect but I didn't want to overdo it and call more attention to the action than I needed to.


  1. Amazing! love your colouring: the ground textures are really organic ¿did you used only Photoshop?

    The goal was to keep trying to get the pose. sometimes it´s hard to persist and not to change the original idea for something easier. but, with your talent that wouldn´t be a problem. sorry for my English, and greetings from Argentina.

  2.'s a masters class for comic covers... FOR FREE!

    Thanks, Kevin! :-)


  3. Amazing as always! You broke it down to very clear narrative. And, as always it looks beautiful! If it wasn't a struggle sometimes it wouldn't be a very interesting job, would it?

  4. Thanks, Tom. I think you're right about the struggle part. As much as I hate it when I can't work out the problem, it sure is a good feeling when it finally comes together.

    And thanks, Mike... but I hope no one thinks I've "mastered" any skills here. I'm usually lost and grasping at straws.

    SebastiƄn, yes, the color is all Photoshop. I used a custom brush for the textures in the dirt. And your English is fine!