Monday, July 11, 2011

The Outsider #3 cover art

Thumbnail sketch, layouts, pencils, inks and colors:


  1. I enjoy the switch of the background figure's leg motion. Instead of the stomp, you went with a pouty kick. Just a nice, humorous take.

    Love the final pencilled version of this picture. Love the rendering on the leather jacket. Again, an underrated skill is your ability to handle textures....remember reading articles by Al Williamson where he talked about how a lot of artists skimmed the ability to pencil/ink correct texture.

  2. I'm glad you spotted the "kick". It's funny to consider how a change like that can give us a very different assumption about what's going on in the mind of the "kicker".

    I can't really claim to have a wide range of inking textures but I'm trying to work out at least a few distinctions so that everything isn't rendered the same way.

  3. Hello Mr. Nowlan, I was wondering if you colored this work yourself or if it was another person's job. Great drawing by the way!