Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hellboy and Jack B. Quick

Mike Mignola and I were guests at a terrific convention in Birmingham, England last year and we were asked to do this piece for their program book and charity auction. Mike pencilled the Hellboy figure and sent the board to me so that I could draw Jack and ink the whole thing.

That big empty space in the lower right bothered me so I added another contraption to fill it up.

Most people didn't even realize that I'd inked the Hellboy figure. See, I don't always redraw everything!


  1. Gu.....ulp. That is incredible. Like jaw dropping incredible to have that kind of combined talent on one page.

    And yeah, it really doesn't look like you inked the Hellboy. Not that it is bad when you do ink Mike's pencils but the little tick lines on HB's chest, those aren't really your style, that's a Mike thing. You normally like to do the feathering in the style of Jack's chin.

    These images made my day!

  2. Truth is we LIKE when you re-drawn it! Don't feel so sorry, even a master can have a bad day :-)

  3. Wow!!
    The result is Awesome!!!

    I loved how you attack the Hellboy figure really different to see you in thicker lines and amazing btw!!



  4. Kevin,

    There is no need to redraw the talented likes of Kane, Garcia Lopez and Mignola; the same can't be said for some of the other pencilers that you've, uh...helped along.

  5. It's funny, I keep forgetting that I inked your pencils on an Alpha Flight cover about a quarter of a century ago(!)

    I thought I was fairly faithful to the pencils but you said, "I think you changed it more than you realized."

  6. that was a great convention, you did a very nice Dr Strange for me there.thoroughly enjoyed the talk you did also