Monday, June 15, 2009

Plastic cup art #2

The agency changed the script after I started on the pencils so the sixth panel is completely different.  

Because the art was wrapped around a cup, the strips were designed to be read as three individual pages. That was probably a good call, otherwise you'd have to turn the cup back and forth to read it.


  1. So with this project you mentioned that you had to alter your style a bit, not doing a lot of rendering knowing the reproduction would mute the art. That being said, how much did that effect your process and timing on the project? Was this something you had to do some more detailed pencils or corrections on the art? Wasn't sure if you could do anything to mimic what the final art would "print" like so you could adjust the art if needed. Like photocopying the final art at 64% or whatever to show the printed version might look like.

  2. I love seeing obscure stuff like this.

  3. Man, these are a lot of fun, Kevin! What year did these come out?

  4. I drew them in early 2006 and I think they came out later that year.

    The printing was a mystery and I didn't know exactly what the limitations were so I just tried to keep the art as simple as possible. It was a little like the old character designs for the Batman cartoon.