Thursday, June 4, 2009

New original art

Be sure to check out the "Original Art" link to the right.  I've finally put up some pages from the Batman Confidential series I did with Garcia-Lopez.  Once you get to the art page, there's an email link at the bottom if you're interested in buying any of the pages.

I also have the cover art for Batman Confidential #28 on eBay this week.  You can find it here.


  1. This is great, as usual, but wow!! the real batman on the Neal Adams path with your unique style.


  2. Yeah, always a joy to see those pages in B/W. Pick a page up people if you can. Seeing the originals is always entertaining. Always can pick up something new.

  3. Kevin, just found your blog - it's fantastic, even if you weren't already one of my fav artists, this is pretty much everything a comic artists blog should be; informative, interesting and with image big enough you can lose a good hour just staring at them. So thank you for the generosity of sharing it all.


  4. I'm curious...what's the ethical thing to do if you do sell a piece of art like the Batman cover. Do you end up splitting the sale of that with the penciler?

    Never understood how that works.


  5. The original art is divided up 2 to 1. We did three covers so José got the first two and I got the third.

    PJ: Thanks for the kind words. I've had trouble finding time to post lately because of work and other commitments but so far I'm still enjoying it. I appreciate the response it's getting so far.

  6. Man what a great team, i think you and Mr. José make!
    I've always loved your art, i'm a sucker for old-school B&W, wich i love and try to follow. You represent (for me) one of the best examples to learn from... Alcala, Gimenez, Toppi, and Sean Gordon Murphy... You guys make my day :)

    Thanks for the exchange!

  7. I loved these issues and I know if I had the extra money I'd be buying them in a heartbeat. It's great seeing them in their black&white state. I hope they sell and find a good home.