Thursday, October 13, 2011

Black Widow redux

A while back I was asked to do an updated version of a Marvel Fanfare piece from the '80's. The commissioner asked for the classic costume and hair. I was able to fix some of the things that bothered me in the original, like the spider and the pose. I also tweaked the lighting a bit. As with most pieces, I started with a sketch...


  1. That's just beautiful , love the lighting !

  2. I remember this piece it was originally published in the mid eighties in France. I liked Marvel Fanfare. It was a great title. Lots of original stories in these books. Some of the stories were very mature. I remember a great Kazar story drawn by Michael Golden. I still have the french book in which it was published. There were also two more pin-ups in this book. A topless(lying on her belly) sun-tanning She-hulk and an awesome drawing of Dagger.

  3. Here in the states, there was also a Phoenix and Nova piece. Those were all fun.

    Golden's Kazar story was amazing. I loved the way he handled the colors.