Saturday, October 29, 2011

Layouts for Grimwood's Daughter

These popped up on eBay the other day. You can see the auctions here and here. Stop by and give 'em a bid or two.

Grimwood was drawn from a full script, so even at this early stage, I wanted to work out the line endings and balloon placements. These were slightly text-heavy and I was a novice so knowing exactly how much space was available for the art was important. The final lettering was done by Harvey Kurtzman's letterer at the time, Phil Felix. I think I took over the lettering myself on the later chapters to avoid mailing the boards back and forth.

And, just to see if anyone was paying attention, I slipped in a Springsteen lyric in the last panel.


  1. These are interesting. Thanks for giving the heads up on the auction!


  2. I was really happy with the IDW collection as well. They do a great job with those. Sitting on my shelf with pride.

    And yeah, great Boss reference. :)