Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cover recreation: Iron Fist #14

Looks like this one was done in 2005. It's based on the published cover art by Dave Cockrum and Al Milgrom.  It seemed like an odd request but it was fun. These things really should be signed with an "after..." or "based on..." line, crediting the original artist.  This one wasn't -- an oversight on my part.


  1. Great piece! Well done, as usual!
    a big ciao from Sardinia, Italy

    PS: sent you an email. let me know if you received it.

  2. I love the rendering and the shading on the snow mountains in the background. Pretty incredible recreation. Something you found more intimidating or something more inspiring when you look at the originals?

  3. Kevin have you always xerox/scanned originals before inking? As old photocopies deteriorate - are you archiving those digitally now? Also, do you ink on top of originals nowadays, blue inkjet prints, or perhaps a projector, - to preserve original pencils? I'm curious as to how you currently handle pencils compared to the early 90's since you seem to take great care in archiving originals.

  4. I always tried to make Xerox copies of the pencilled art before I started inking but I haven't noticed any deterioration in the old copies so, other than the pieces I scan for posting here, I'm not archiving them.

    I still ink most jobs over the original pencils but now that I'm set up with a large format scanner and printer I'm doing more inking over blue lines.

  5. Patrick, I think I was a little intimidated. But stuff like this is a welcome change of pace, with characters I'm not likely to get a shot at otherwise.

  6. Your art has been shared with credit on the Iron Fist facebook fan page:

    Direct link: