Thursday, May 21, 2009

Merv Pumpkinhead, page one

Pencils and inks for page one of a two page story.


  1. Number one, I love that middle panel for an establishing shot and the buildings and structures. Great display of various textures.

    Second, I love how you appologize for inking the border on the first panel and the little note about finishing the sign letters. Which is a wonderful sign.

  2. thanks for answering my question on your inking technique.

    back in Malaysia..i cant seem to find Hunt 102 pen..

    so do used lightbox to ink?..or ink directly on your pencil?

    again sorry for bugging you with so many questions sir

  3. I've been buying pen points online for the last few years. I just can't find them in stores any more.

    This page was inked directly on the pencils.

  4. Patrick, I'm glad you like the establishing shot. I really struggled a lot with buildings when I started drawing comics, and they still take a disproportionate amount of time. Guys like Kaluta and Oksner and Mike Golden always seemed to give their buildings "personality" and I keep trying to do that, whether I'm drawing from reference or making everything up like I did here.

  5. thank you for Sharing Mr Nowlan.