Friday, May 22, 2009

Merv Pumpkinhead, page two

Well, since yesterday's art asked a question, I probably shouldn't keep you waiting for the answer.  

I neglected to mention that this was written by Bill Willingham and lettered by Todd Klein.


  1. I often wonder why you wouldn't letter something like this yourself, especially after pencilling all the groundwork. Obviously Todd Klein is a master, but it seems strange to take it so far and then have someone re-letter it all. (unless this was a special case because there were so many artists doing that book, maybe they wanted some consistency to the letters?)

  2. It seems strange to me, too. Todd's the best, but why send the pencilled pages to DC, then to Todd, then to DC again and back to me just for two pages of lettering?

    They probably wanted a consistent look but all the stories were drawn by different artists so the lettering isn't going to make much of a difference.