Monday, May 4, 2009

A new project

Let's make a guessing game out of this.  I just got the first page of pencils for my next inking job.  Once again, it's over the amazing José Luis Garcia-Lopez, but for now that's all I'm saying.  If you inspect the pencil scan you'll figure out the rest. 


  1. that the Metal Men?

    That's amazing.

  2. Well, that was fast! Yes, it is. What gave it away?

  3. Honestly, it was Doc Magnus' jacket and the girl hanging on him. Reminded me of Platinum and then when I looked at the rest of line it just kind of clicked. Especially Mercury and Tin.

    Plus, I'm a huge Metal Men fan. Looking forward to whatever this may be, I'm really enjoying when you Jose collaborate.

  4. Hey, civility, please!

    Nicely played, Doc. I had a feeling Tina's body language might give it away. Either that or Doc Magnus' pipe.

    I always loved that issue of DC Presents that José drew back in the 80's with the Metal Men guest starring with Superman.

    I'll post a scan of the head shots later. José really gives them alot of personality.

  5. I always wondered why here in Spain, Jose Luis Garcia Lopez is not better known, being as he is not just a classic artist, also an extremelly skilled one.
    And its great that you work together again, you make a great team.

  6. I know the answer has already been revealed, but I'm still pretty certain this is a new Deathstroke/Martian Manhunter team-up.