Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Corn Dogs

Here's the next page of the "corn dog" story, starting with a scan of the pencils.  The rendering is pretty tight, especially when you consider that I knew I'd be inking it as well, but at least I didn't fill in all of the solid black areas with a pencil this time.  I just hit the spots that needed to be worked out before I started inking.

Just some quick notes on this one:

Once again, in panels two and three, some of the background was drawn after the foreground figures were pencilled and inked.

I took another shot at that diagonal shadow across the vendor's head and this time I left it in.

Looking at panels one and nine, I'm pretty sure I had Berni Wrightson on my brain when I added the shadows.

Laura (Depuy) Martin did a beautiful job on the colors and really helped me out in panels three and four by adding the shadows on Bobby's face and hands.  Well, she helped me out on every panel, not just those two.  She's one of the best.


  1. More a great job, great master. Result wonderful as always. bye.

  2. Hi Kevin; great as always. Really enjoy these 'process' posts.

    You said with particular panels in this page that "some of the background was drawn after the foreground figures were pencilled and inked"

    Do you not find that slows you down? From my own experience, unless i completely finish pencilling a page before inking, it ends up talking longer to eventually finish because of the 'switching the gears' back and forth. Maybe that's just me.

  3. It probably does slow me down... but probably not by too much. Sometimes I just like having the figures inked so that I don't have to worry about accidentally erasing or smearing them if I end up reworking the background. I hope it didn't sound like I was recommending it as a smart way to work. Most of the time I'll try to get everything fully pencilled before I start on the inks.

  4. Hmmm. Interesting.

    Oh no, it doesn't sound like you were recommending it, but it is interesting to hear that you did it with those particular panels. Even if you did recommend it, it's not like it's law; some people start inking with the last panel and work their way up the page, some start at the top and work their way down, etc. Everyone is different.

    Thanks for answering my question. Again; really like seeing all the 'process' posts. All the best.

  5. Boy, I had never seen that story in color... only the Modern Masters black and whites. Now I'm gonna have to hunt that down.
    And, hi, Declan... I enjoyed linking to your blog and checking out your updates, too. It looks like we're both working with Clive and Classical Comics!

  6. Fun stuff as always. Glad you're posting these pages and how you were approaching them. Hularious on the Wrightson comment. Funny how you see things after the fact. In the moment, it just comes out, afterwards you are like "What was I thinking?".

  7. like the process..

    love the inking...a lot i can learn from your inking Mr Nowlan..

    just wanna know, did you ink on your pencil..or using a light box and ink it on another paper on top?