Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Death Gallery sketches: 1994

The first image above shows me scribbling around, looking for an idea. As with most of these pin-up assignments and even some covers, the editor didn't have anything specific in mind so the concept was up to me.

The large drawing looks like I was trying to get a handle on her personality. The big fist below it looks like a leftover from another project. In fact, the sketches were all done on the back of a Batman: Sword of Azrael script.

I like the idea in the lower left; especially her body language, but figured I'd better show her face. The upper right drawing shows the idea I decided to go with although I dropped the pile of skulls behind her.


  1. I actually like the larger image in the first page, the face in particular. Think it has that innocence and behavior that Neil has always tried to portray with Death. Also, I think the skull pile would have been interesting actually in the final drawing pose. Granted, good the way it is but the idea of this pile of skulls and her kissing one is actually kind of ironic, given her "job".

    Thanks again for sharing. Fun running through time for these drawings and some of the process.

  2. Mr Nowlan thanks a lot for your work. It's a pleasure to see your work process. Your method of shading and control of the inking is amazing. Thanks a lot for all your career.

  3. Thanks, Jordi!

    Patrick, I agree with you about the larger sketch. But even though it shows her personality, it just didn't have enough oomph for a pin-up.

  4. I liked the 3rd sketch, it shows death empathy towards the departed.