Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't forget... pick up Batman: Confidential #28 today.  If your comic shop sells out you'll miss your chance to see more cool art like this.


  1. Much much better in black and white !!!

  2. Picked the issue up and it was a joy to see. Really liked how you inked the female throughout the story. Her eyes, as well as King Tut's, were key to the story so making those perfect were very inspiring.

    On a second point, the cover for #28, I had to do a double take to realize that you or JGL designed your signature into the cover art lettering on the wall behind Batman/Riddler. Was this something you did or JGL? Just a neat way to integrate your names into the artwork. Lost skill per se. Reminded me of how Michael Golden used to do that in his old covers.

  3. As far as focusing on a detail, I really liked the way the girl was drawn, too. The simpler the better, I say. The cops in the background of the crime scene and the station are also favorites.

  4. Hi, Mr. Nowlan I would thank you anyway for the time you dedicated to my request, I would have wanted a hig-res version of the original painting because I wanted to print it, frame it and append it on a wall of my home. Too bad that you have not found the original painting. However I would to give you a sign of my appreciation and gratitude, below is the link to an Italian recipe book (the Italian cuisine is one of my passions), hope you'll like it.

  5. Hi Patrick! José designed the signatures and incorporated them into the drawings.

    Anthor: Sorry I couldn't find that color copy of the cover painting. I'm glad you think that much of the piece. If I find the copy I'll post it here but it may take a while. And thanks for the link to the recipe book. I share your passion for Italian food -- or at least for eating it.

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