Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Old art from a failed proposal

I don't remember much about this one.  Jan Strnad and I proposed this Sci-Fi project somewhere and it never got off the ground.  It must have been around 1988 or '89.  This is the only art I produced for it.  Sorry about the inevitable moiré patterns from the zip screens.


  1. This is the stuff that i want to see ! Stuff that never made it to the public and is still awesome to look at. Zipatone....the lost art :)

  2. Very much the "older school" Nowlan art there to me. That has the vibe of your Man-Bat story (love, love) style that reminds me so much of what Alex Toth used to do. Thin lines, zip tones, etc.

    Wonderful look. Thanks for sharing!