Sunday, April 19, 2009

Comic Sans

I saw a link to this article on Mark Evanier's weblog.  I just have three comments:  
  1. What an ugly type face.
  2. It doesn't even look like "comic book lettering" to me.
  3. What an ugly type face.


  1. Hi Kevin! I am a huge fan of your artwork!
    Can you please tell me if you have any info on your convention schedule and if you're currently taking commissions? Thank you!
    - Huge Fan!

  2. I've talked with some folks at FallCon in Minnesota about making an appearance this year. Same with the Baltimore convention, but nothing official yet.

    I'm not taking on any commissions right now. Maybe later in the year I'll try to do a few. August or September maybe.

  3. Comic Sans may be the worst font ever created.

  4. Arghhhh please someone kill Comic Sans with a stick! I once signed a petition to ban it but like all bad things, this font refuses to goi away...

  5. I'm a Calibri font person. Comic Sans...ughhh....someone needs to create a anti-Comic Sans font.

  6. Nasty Nasty Nasty. And just the one option for a capital 'I' That aint gonna work.

  7. Hi
    Big fan of your artwork, is there a defiitive checklist of your work? Did s googlr but nothing hit