Friday, April 10, 2009

Strange Tales #18: Final cover

I think this is a cover that really looks better in color. Again, the editor giving me free reign really helped.  Most editors wouldn't let artists do their own color guides at the time but Carl was always agreeable.

The same thing happened inside the book.  Carl asked me to ink the first story and I somehow ended up doing the color guides as well.  You can tell that wasn't the original plan because of all the zip screens I used, hoping to limit the damage that an unsympathetic colorist might do.


  1. I dunno... the black and white version is really clean and dynamic, especially without the logos. It's a tough call, but either way they're all really beautiful.

    It's not common for an artist to even ink his own work in mainstream comics, right? Much less color (other than yourself, Klaus Janson is the exception that immediately comes to mind).

    Which 2 of the 3 logos did you design? I thought you did all of them!

  2. Oh no, I just did the Doctor Strange and Strange Tales logos.

    For many years, artists were doing their own color guides without receiving credit. Tom Palmer colored some of the Dr. Strange stories that he inked over Gene Colan. I think he might have done the same on Daredevil as well. Neal Adams colored a lot of his own stories as DC. Wrightson colored several issues of Swamp Thing. But none of them were credited...

  3. Ahh, got that issue for sure. Believe Jimmy has the original for that cover too!

  4. Like this because they are stylized vs real proportion. Love these strange tales covers.