Monday, April 6, 2009

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #101 cover

After an exhaustive search, I was unable to find the old color copy of the original art for this cover, but I found a copy of the pencil sketch. I'll post it next.

The anonymous poster who requested a larger scan of the art, sans type, may be disappointed, but I suspect that he or she isn't missing much.  The DC bullet and title barely cover the corners of the image. The original painting doesn't really have anything that the printed book doesn't show... maybe just a little more grit and texture. If you were looking at the 11 x 17" painting you'd probably be able to see more clearly where I went from graphite to airbrushed acrylic to colored pencil but there aren't microscopic layers of detail to be discovered.  What you see is what you get.

This cover was a joy from start to finish.  Archie Goodwin called me up and described what he wanted:  A metalic Batman with human eyes and a single tear, blood red.  If you read the story, you can appreciate what a poet Archie was for coming up with this image. The robot never bled from its eye and we never saw human skin behind the metal.  Those little details were all all Archie's. I don't think it was a bad story, it just struck me as being less mysterious than the cover concept. 

Among his other gifts, Archie had a unique imagination.  I wish I could have worked with him more.  


  1. Wow Kevin the cover is just Beautiful and Gorgeousssss!!!


  2. I don't think I've ever seen this cover, Its pretty great!

  3. I had no idea that Archie Goodwin even worked at DC.. I guess I've always thought of him as the guy behind MARVEL's Epic Magzine & the creator-owned stuff.

    I remember that cover very well.. It really stood out from the rest, when that book was released!

  4. Still a pretty cool cover. Don't see a lot of your painted covers anymore so it was nice to see this again. Still think the eyes of Batman really take this image to another level.

  5. The Batbot is shedding a tear
    His tear ducts are grinding a gear
    The Joker, his foil
    has hidden his oil
    Is that a trap door in his rear?

  6. I have the original hanging in my studio and its more gray than bronze looking . its stunning, as is all of kevins work.
    jimmy palmiotti

  7. Hi Jimmy! It's nice knowing the painting is in good hands. Thanks!