Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weird Western cover sketch: 2001

This is another cover that was thrown at me cold.  No ideas from the editor, they just wanted something that fit the title.  I came up with this sketch but DC said they already had a similar piece from someone else.  So that was that...


  1. That's a pity looks like it would've been cool.

  2. Reminds me of something that Geoff Darrow would do with Shaolin Cowboy. Ironically a title you would do a cover for.

  3. That's really nifty Kevin.

    Would've been cool to see it as Bucking Bronco-type illo too! "Keep yer hat on!"

    Love the shadow play on the cowboys face.

  4. Great! i love the idea, in italian the animal is called Polpo!.

  5. KEVIN, make it jonah hex on him and i will write an insane story about it. lol...i would make it a side show attraction as the largest octopus in captivity...and have the bad guys throw jonah in the tank, bash the glass and have him wrestle it till its dead. i would just lose the saddle...hahahah

    jimmy palmiotti

  6. Hi Jimmy!

    Perfect! It'll be a lot easier to draw without the saddle.