Saturday, August 1, 2009

Batman gargoyle drawing: sketch and pencils


  1. are these things just laying around Mr. Nowlan? or have you being doing this so long you just go "oh, that's where i left that. i'll post it." lol
    thanks for sharing al the same.

    peace out

  2. Some are just lying around, some exist as half finished sketches, done for other projects and put aside for one reason or another. Occasionally I'll be going thru papers and find something unfinished and decide to do a little more work on it.

    But most of the images I've posted so far are from copies or scans that I've saved over the years. I'm an awful packrat. My wife's loss is your gain.

  3. Old, new.... whatever. I'll take great art of any date. The drawing made my reread the story you did in batman black and white. Umm. Good stuff. Are all the originals for that story sold?

  4. Love the gargoyle in this drawing. Looks like something that truly would exist in Gotham.

    Curious, do you look at old sculptures and gargoyles from buildings for reference or to spark an idea or just one of those things where you let the creative magic flow?

  5. I looked at a bunch of old gargoyles but couldn't find what I was looking for so I just made one up. As you can see in the sketch, they started out as more streamlined but eventually grew legs.

  6. Hey Kevin, I'm just stunned at the sheer amount of beautiful work you post on this blog!
    I'm a long time fan and just wanted to say hi.