Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Don't try this at home

You know, this is putting an awful burden on someone who just draws stuff with little thought of who – if anyone – might see it or even if it's worth being looked at more than once.

My first reaction was, "No, if I'd known you were going to do that I'd have done a better drawing!"

The artist did a nice job though... I like the addition of the Bat Signal. If anything, I think he improved the drawing.


  1. Ouch... Another white background :)
    Just re-read "Aliens Salvation" during my lunch break, and Mike Mignola has no reason to be anything but happy with your inks, they were gorgeous, and the colorist did one hell of a job as well.

  2. A small drawing I once did has also turned up as a tatoo--and seeing it freaks me out.

  3. yeah, i've had a few sketches i've done for people get sent back to me as photos of tattoos they've gotten, and i literally said the exact thing you said. "If i'd known you were going to do that, i'd have done a better drawing!"

  4. Shoe secrets!!!! Where are they!?!