Friday, August 21, 2009

Curses! Broiled Again!

This was drawn for Andy Helfer's Big Book of Urban Legends back in the 90's. I also did the lettering.

Even though we don't see much of it, I tried to get a Miami Deco look to the architecture.

I think I was on a bit of a chiaroscuro kick at the time. Why else would I go to all the trouble with the high contrast lighting in panel three? By the way, in conversations I always avoid using the word "chiaroscuro" because I can spell it but I can't pronounce it.

The narrator is Jan Harold Brunvand, the real life author of the Urban Legend books. They sent me a photo for reference. I like the bit of business with him plugging in the tanning bed. I think it was in the script but I don't remember for sure. Not that it's particularly interesting or funny... it's just better to have people doing something, especially if the alternative is having them just stand there and talk with their arms at their side.

I don't know what the little shmuts is on the floor below the outlet in panel one. I guess I didn't want the floor too clean for some reason.


  1. This is great! I've never seen this before! Being from Miami, I can say the Deco touches are spot on. There are a million stores that look like the one in panel two.

  2. this one has alot of Eisner-style freeness in the lines. I think it's the baggy clothing of the guy in the first panel.

    On a different note- our next issue is almost done and I wanted to have quotes in it, about the first issue, by industry guys. If I sent you the PDF of the first issue would you read it and be able to give me a quote? Even if you think it sucks, as long as you're honest, I'll put it in the book.

  3. That Doctor slays me.. Lordy, whatta Bedside Mannner he's got, eh? hah He seems so nonplussed about her prognosis.

  4. Matt: Go ahead and send the stuff and I'll write something if I can but don't expect much. I generally try to avoid stuff like that because I'm really bad at it. Writing a quote sounds easy enough but I never seem to find the right words.