Friday, August 28, 2009

Jack B. Quick: "Smalltown Stardom" pencils, page 3

I just realized how much I redrew panel three. Hard to believe I'd draw two complete figures and then erase them for the closer shot but there it is.

You better not be usurpin' the Almighty's divine option again!


  1. Love the shading and rendering on the last panel.

    Silly question but on said last panel, the feathering lines that taper from thin to thicker in such straight lines (the explosion lines) do you use a ruler and then just apply more pressure with a pen or is that a brush/crow quill? Just curious because they are all so exact.

  2. Looks like I just went over them more than once with a rapidograph. I use a quill and ruler now but I'm still not very good at it.

  3. Love seeing the various stages of your artwork. Have enjoyed your work for a long time---remember really recognizing it first years ago when you did a bunch of Wolverine covers. Keep up the beautiful, stylishly-stylized, and understated artwork. I dig it!