Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Grimwood's Daughter Hardcover Collection

Grimwood's Daughter wasn't my first work in comics but I think it was the first thing I did that was really worth buying. It ran as a back up feature in Dalgoda during the early 80's. The script was terrific. It was dark and sad and fit my twenty-something attitude better than any of the super-hero stuff I was being offered.

This collection is in black and white, with a "new" cover painting. I think it was done back in the early 90's for a French collection that never came together. We had a tough time rounding up art for all the interior pages and I ended up redrawing a few of them. I think most of you will be happy with the results.

If you enjoy those "sketchbook" sections in the back of collections, you're gonna love this one. There are pencil scans, thumbnails, rejected logo designs... more than a dozen pages of bonus material that's never been seen before.

So, go out and order a copy already! If you live anywhere near Wichita, Kansas, order it from Prairie Dog Comics. The owner, Marc Brown, is not only one of my oldest friends, he helped us out by supplying original art -- both story pages and prelims -- from his private collection. The book wouldn't have been as nice as it is without his generous assistance.

The order code for Previews is: JUL09 0942 GRIMWOOD'S DAUGHTER HC (MR) 09/30/09 SRP $12.99

Or you can always go with Amazon. They're offering it for 20% off.

End of plug. Thanks to Patrick Wedge for the prompting. I tend to overlook these things.


  1. Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!

  2. Great news. Just glad i can finally get a collection where the whole thing is drawn by you. And in black and white, no less.

    Between this and plans to collect Dixon/Zaffino's Winter World, IDW are on a roll.


  3. Sounds very cool! That cover is such a cool combination of rendered form and flat design!

  4. Yeah, I was happy to see this listed with all the other stuff included. Fun stuff.

    Declan: Also the great Jordi Bernet's Torpedo series is being published in the US finally. Add that to the Parker series by Darwyn, IDW is kicking it!

  5. Thanks Patrick; i'd actually forgotten about Bernet's Torpedo work being published. Yeah, between all the above and the Parker book IDW aren't just knocking out licensed books; they're bringing out some hard-to-find stories with top-quality art.

    Thanks for the reminder.


  6. I was lucky to buy several pages of Grimwood's Daughter from Mark Brown back in the 90's. Cannot wait to see it all in one book.