Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jack B. Quick cover art

This was for Mike Manley's swell magazine, DRAW! in 2002.

The idea here was that Jack is just doodling on a piece of paper, but his parents are terrified, knowing that disaster always follows whenever Jack starts coming up with new inventions.


  1. One of my favorite covers--period. Seeing the progression is fun. You lost that other sheet of paper and the "concerned" looks in the second drawing have blossomed into genuine "fear". It just cracks me up! I'd dearly love to see more JBQ...

  2. I thought you might like that one. Glad you pointed out the other sheet of paper. I hadn't noticed, or maybe I just forgot.

    Yeah, I miss Jack too.

  3. jack looks like he's concentrating a little more in the prelim.. I kind'a like that

  4. This was a fun cover and a great issue of Draw. I'm on the boat as well for missing Jack. Always got a chuckle at the oversized bibs on Jack as well.

  5. love the process..

    love the composition..

    i can see that you play with space..'less is more' concept..

    what a tutorial for me today my master..

  6. I can't believe I was missing this blog... Mr. Knowlan, you have been an inspiration for me since those days of Sword of Azrael, and I learn so much every time I look at your art and craft. Thanks for all.